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This recirculating cone protein skimmer kit is a great way to learn basic acrylic building skills and get a fantastically efficient skimmer at a very affordable price!  The kit includes all the parts need to build the skimmer pictured. CNC machined parts fit together with ease and a detailed assembly manual is provided.  This project can be put together in about two hours' time, and afterwards, you will have a skimmer with efficiency on par with models costing 4-8x as much.  Add in an optional Swabbie, our automatic neck cleaner, and watch the performance top even the highest end brands out there!

For the advanced builder, this skimmer kit will allow you many additional opportunities to tinker and get even better performance than with the pictured model.  Since the base kit is priced without a pump, you can easily experiment with a different one you may already have.  There are so many possibilities!

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Click here for version 1.3 assembly manual
Technical Details:
Tank Rating: 50-200 gallons
Footprint: 9"x10" (Can be made to fit in 9" x 9" with careful effluent pipe plumbing arrangement)
Height: 22.75", with Swabbie 25.5"
Diameter at Base 7.5"
Neck diameter: 3.75"
Collection Cup Diameter: 6"
Collection Cup Drain: Standard
Air Silencer: Standard
Sicce PSK1000 performance: 1100 lph @ 23w
For in sump use only. 5"-16" depth. The standard recirculating configuration allows the skimmer to run in any depth up to the level of the neck union)
Water feed required: 100-300gph
Pump Warranty: 1 year.

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Review by: Mark, Dec 18, 2012   star star star star star

I purchased the CS1 Cone Skimmer about a year ago. I can just say WOW. I replaced a Euro-Reef RS80. I was surprised how easy it was to build and the excellent and rapid support I received from Justin Casp. After running the skimmer for 10 months, it runs as good today as the day I purchased installed the skimmer. The waste is much darker and consistent that the Euro-Reef. It ran for a few weeks and filled up often as the Euro-Reef really did not work in the same league. I also purchased the swabbie and skimmate locker. What a joy to run and clean in comparison.

Review by: eagle, Mar 15, 2013   star star star star star

I purchased the CS1 and am impressed by it's performance. I decided to use a dc pump and the guys at avast were a great help and machined a venturi to match the pump. The skimmer has been working great and I couldn't be happier with the customer support.