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Magnet Pair; DIY Holder

Magnet Pair; DIY Holder

$ 19.99

This is a "blank" pair of magnets encased in black abs enclosures.  Like our Multi-Purpose Magnet Mount, they will hold up to 3/4" glass but do not have any sort of bracket or shelf attached.  They are useful to make your own magnetic frag racks or other types of custom holders.  Use some Weld-on 4052 to bond the magnet housings to acrylic, PVC, styrene (eggcrate), ABS and polycarbonate.

 Magnet dimensions are 2” wide x 1.25” tall x 0.5” thick.


We frequently have blemished magnets (typically overfilled with epoxy) for $12 a set, these work great for many projects where the cosmetic flaw will never be seen.  Feel free to ask us if interested!