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Plank v3.5 Mixing Pump Upgrade

Plank v3.5 Mixing Pump Upgrade

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My Plank was ordered any time in 2020

We're excited to have found a way to use a high quality Sicce Syncra Nano as the mixing chamber pump! Even quieter than the micro DC water pump we previously used, we've found the Sicce to be much more reliable as well.  Included with this upgrade kit is a custom volute developed just for the Nano in this application.

The power cord is now routed up the inside of the mixing chamber and through the Plank mounting platform, for a cleaner and more convenient installation.

The upgrade kit requires the square-front mounting platform that began shipping in January 2021.  If you have the first generation round style platform from 2020, please select YES to the question above.  We began shipping the new style platform for orders received >= Jan 1st 2021.

If you have a custom acrylic screen top frame that was specially cut to fit the curved platform style, please contact us- we have a special curved front half that should work for you.

The upgrade kit includes:

  • Sicce Syncra Nano pump
  • Internal mixing chamber volute disk
  • New mixing chamber tube to ensure correct volute disk fit (if you use a custom length tube and need to upgrade, please contact us)
  • Back half of the mounting platform (with power cord passthrough) Please select regular or XL as needed.

As we are an authorized Sicce dealer, the Syncra Nano carries a three year warranty through Sicce USA.

Video instructions on how to install the upgrade can be found on the Plank support page

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