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Swab the Neck!

This motorized neck cleaner keeps your protein skimmer running at peak efficiency by periodically wiping the inside of the neck where all the crud accumulates.  Normally, build up in the neck in as little as 6 to 8 hours after cleaning will cause foam to stick to the sides and resist traveling up and over into the collection cup.  Keeping the neck wall clean results in consistent skimmate production similar to a freshly hand-washed skimmer.  Simply plug the Swabbie into a timer (not included) or aquarium controller and set it to run for a few minutes 4 to 6 times per day.  When run this way, no crud will build up and fall back into the skimmer chamber.  Swabbie eliminates the chore of daily cleaning for two weeks or more and maintains the level of skimmate production that you would normally get with a freshly-washed skimmer.

The Swabbie currently comes in several sizes as a replacement lid for your skimmer's collection cup.  All lids are made from heavy duty 3/8" material.  The single pivot point on the wiper allows Swabbie to clean conical necks as well.  Not sure if your skimmer will accommodate the Swabbie?  Follow this guide to select the correct size:

Select the size in the middle of the range for the best fit.  Example:  Your collection cup measures 7" and see that the 6", 7" and 8" all fit, the middle range selection would be 7" and provide the best fit.

Note regarding wiper reach or length: If your skimmer's neck is too wide or tall for the standard wiper, please just let us know and we will substitute the next larger wiper size with your Swabbie at no additional charge.

Timer or aquarium controller not included
Power consumption: AC 110v 3w 
Cord Length: 6'
Height: 2.75" above normal skimmer lid
Warranty: 1 year

Click here for the user manual

See the Swabbie in action here, here, here, here, here

Special Combo: Order our skimmer waste collector, Davy Jones' Skimmate Locker, with your Swabbie and get $20 off the total price! (You must be logged in to your account to see the discount applied in the cart)

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Review by: Perry, Aug 12, 2012   star star star star star

Great product, fits my Alpha 170 well and keeps the neck clean to optimize skimming. Coupled with a Davy Jones Locker and your skimmer maintenance just got a lot easier. I was having to empty and clean my skimmer cup at least twice a week, just hooked it up so we'll see how long I can go between cleanings,I expect at least 2 weeks. There is an option to modify your existing lid, I chose not too and the Swabbie is a close fit over the skimmer neck so my skimate seems to exit on one side. Some small adjustments to the screws to center it better will solve this problem, however it doesn't seem to affect efficiency.

Review by: Brian, Jun 2, 2015   star star star star

I have to say I was a of a skeptic when I seen this product i'm more on the lazy side when it comes to maintenance so anything that can help me get the job done quicker and faster as a plus for me I thought my having this product on my skimmer it was going to make the skimmer perform different but I didn't notice no change in the skimmer except that I almost never have to clean the night of my skimmer again and just replace the cup cleaning my skimmer has never been easier

Review by: Vincent, Jun 4, 2015   star star star star star

I have been using this on my ATB Elegance 200 Pro for several weeks now and all I can say is WOW! I let it do it's thing for a few weeks before I decided to take the collection cup off to clean it. When I finally did there was so much caked up gunk and the top of the blade but the inside of the collection cup was very clean! I was amazed at how great it worked. I had been wanting one of these for a while and considered getting the ATB brand (which would have cost over twice as much at least). I was told the quality on these would not be very good but that is definitely not true! It is very sturdy and thick. The motor has good weight to it and put together very clean. Overall a very professional feel and look. Great product! Thank you again Avast Marine!

Review by: Jack, Jun 23, 2015   star star star star

Just got my Swabbie and very happy with quality and ease of install. Looking forward to improved skimming.