Plank Autofeeder Support Page

Initial Setup

Joey from TheCoralReefTalk made this great easy to follow setup video


NEW version 3.5 with Sicce Nano pump assembly video

New, two-piece Plank mounting platform assembly:

Spacer and rimless adapter:

Spacer for thick tank rims

The flat bar with two holes is used to create a bit more space between the top and bottom halves of the Plank mount when used on tanks with thick plastic rims.

Rimless tank adapter

The angled bar is used to “fill in” the gap in the lower half of the mount which is typically used to grab the plastic rim of many aquariums.  When used on a (t)rimless tank, this flat surface to clamp against creates a more secure hold for the mount.

An example of using a corner kit (this one is from BRS) to create a custom Plank integrated screen top

Screen top customization

How Much to Feed?

The Plank feeds Reef Jerky very precisely and very slowly so you can literally "dose" plankton into your reef. When making the switch from Frozen to Freeze Dried the most asked question we get is how much Reef Jerky to use and how long to run the Plank. 



Apex programming for seconds-level resolution

Use the OSC command to create a recurring on/off cycle.  If the total number of minutes:seconds is divisible by 1440 (the number of minutes in a day), the cycle will automatically repeat at midnight, and the feeder will activate at the same times each day.  For example:

Fallback OFF

OSC 000:00/00:30/119:30 Then ON

If Time 20:01 to 07:59 Then OFF

This code causes the feeder outlet to activate for 30 seconds every 120 minutes (30 seconds on, 119:30 off) between the hours of 8am and 8pm.  You will get (7) 30 second feeding periods at 8am, 10am, … 8pm.

This could be modified to:

OSC 000:00/00:20/119:40 Then ON

For a 20 second feed time.  The key is that the minutes:seconds adds up to a round number (120 min in this case) that evenly divides into 1440.

NearPow Timer:


Wi-Fi outlet:


Profilux 4 setup tips from helpful Plank user hhaase


 Troubleshooting and detailed maintenance

Mixing pump assembly, chamber with rivet

Replacing the auger