International Shipping and Product Info

We currently only ship directly to USA and Canada.   If you would like to place an order from outside the US, this can be done by setting up a mail forwarding account with services like one of the following. This will provide you a US-based mailing address we can ship to and they will forward it on to you when they receive it.  Please note we do not endorse any of these companies, they are simply listed as examples, there are many more.

Note to our Canadian customers: USPS is almost always the most economical way to ship to Canada.  We have had reports of UPS (which is also an option at checkout) charging exorbitantly high brokerage and other hidden fees.  Please only select UPS if you are familiar with this and prepared to deal with it accordingly.  The fees are out of our control and are paid by the buyer upon delivery.

We recommend PayPal for international payments, but most major credit cards should work as well.  Make sure to enter the address your mail forwarding service provides in the shipping address. If you are using PayPal, use the forwarding service for the billing address. If you are using a physical or virtual credit card with a US-based billing address, enter that in the billing address field.

Our equipment is designed primarily for the US market, meaning any AC motors and pumps will run at 110v and require the use of a voltage converter to run on 220v mains.  Our AC motors (found in our Kalk stirrers, Plank feeder, Vibe reactor, and Swabbie) are very low wattage, so the use of a simple voltage converter should be more than enough to run them.  The Sicce 1.5 pump we use on our ozone and calcium reactors are customized by us in-house, so while 220v versions of these pumps are typically available in most countries around the world, simply swapping out the pump for one obtained locally will not work. Our DC pumps only need to have the correct plug adapter for your country installed.  These pumps' AC adapters can handle 220v AC input.

Avast Marine Works is only responsible for safe delivery to your US freight forwarding service but is no longer responsible for the package after they have received it. Damages and losses after that point should be taken up with your forwarding service.

Our warranty is NOT valid internationally, we will only ship replacement parts to the original US freight forwarding address if required at the sole cost of the customer.

Returns on international orders are not accepted, all sales are final.

Customs, taxes, and duties charged by your government are the customer's responsibility. Please check with your forwarding service for an idea of what those costs might be. These charges can often exceed expectations.

We realize that this is not the most friendly International shipping policy and while we are happy to have people from around the world excited about the products we offer, we are not prepared to assume any liability for transportation or use in countries outside the USA.