About Us

Avast Marine was started in 2010 by passionate reef keepers who saw a hole in the market for top quality American made products with world class customer service and lightning fast shipping. 

From the ground up Avast Marine was built with a loyal customer base by simply delivering on our word.  High quality American made products built by craftsmen, unparalleled customer service and uniquely designed devices to solve issues in the rapidly evolving world of reef keeping. 

All of our support and communication is done via email as we found it difficult to talk on the phone with the CNC machines running in the background.  To this day we, the owners still answer every customer email, so if you have a question you can talk to the Captains, designers, and users simply by hitting the contact us button.  Our goal is to help YOU be successful with AVAST gear. 

Our products are built to last!  Not only is you Avast purchase backed by our 1 year warranty, we constantly go above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase and can easily find replacement parts for many years to come.

We feel the most important metric of Avast Marine is the feedback from our customers, so take a look below and see for yourself who we really are.

Thank you for visiting Avast!