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Directions for Kalkculations

If you are setting up a stirrer for the first time or have had trouble maintaining a consistent result from kalkwasser dosing please follow the directions below:

  1. Determine your average daily evaporation level and enter it into the calculator.  This does not need to be 100% perfect but it should be based on actually measuring for at least a few days to a week.
  2. Enter the % of that evaporation that you would like to make up with kalkwasser.  There are some helpful examples down the page if you need some guidance with this.
  3. Based on this, you will get a kalkulation for how much kalkwasser should be dosed per day and how much dry kalk should be added to the stirrer to deliver saturated kalkwasser for a period of 30 days.  
  4. Minimum fill amount for K1 is 1 cup and for K2 is 2 cups, if you get a fill kalkulation less than that, use this as your starting amount instead of the kalkulation. 

Kalkulating a fixed dose

If you already dose a fixed amount of kalkwasser per day and are happy with the results you can still use the Kalkulator to determine the correct fill level for a 30 day supply by doing the following.

  1. Set make up % to 100%
  2. In the daily evaporation field, simply enter the daily dose of kalkwasser
  3. Based on this, you will get the proper amount of dry kalk to add to the stirrer for a consistent saturation level for a period of 30 days

THIS PAGE STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us for help :-)