Kalk Stirrer DIY Kit Assembly

This page contains all the information needed to build an Avast Marine kalk stirrer from one of our DIY kits.

  • Included

    Complete list of parts that are included for a DIY kalk stirrer kit.

  • Not Included

    Additional Items needed to complete assembly.

Day 1, Step 1

In the following video we are going to be gluing the output plumbing to main chamber and then the chamber to base.

Day 1, Step 2

Next we will bolt on the motor and glue the motor housing to the lid.

Day 2, Step 1

In the following video we will cover wiring up the motor and completing the motor housing assembly.

Day 2, Step 2

In our final video we are going to do the final assembly. Putting it all together and getting it ready to use.