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Diaphragm Pump

Diaphragm Pump

$ 49.99


This little diaphragm pump is an excellent choice for automatic top-off duty. Unlike other diaphragm pumps available, this little powerhouse can push water to 60psi (~130ft high). It can also safely run dry, unlike conventional powerheads. It is quiet and runs on 12v DC power. Flow rate is approximately 400mL/min, but note that it is not rated for continuous duty nor salt water applications. This means for intermittent use (as in ATO usage) it is great, but we do not recommend it for use as a calcium reactor feed pump, for example.  It can be used in conjunction with a kalk stirrer, but only to push fresh water into the stirrer.  We do not recommend pulling kalkwasser through the pump, as the high pH may shorten the life of the rubber diaphragms.

Diaphragm pump kit includes:

  • Pump in wall-mountable box
  • 12v DC Power Supply
  • Tubing, 10ft
  • Check valve to prevent back siphoning
  • Micro ball valve to adjust flow rate (max 400mL/min)
  • Siphon break tee (see instruction manual for details when this is needed)

Technical Specs:
Max flow rate:  400mL/min @ 0ft head pressure
Min flow rate: Fast drip
Max head pressure: 60psi or 130ft
Run dry: Yes
Self priming: Yes
Power: 12v DC, 4w max, 2w min
Warranty: 1 year

Click here for instruction manual

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Blake H.
United States


This is a small powerful pump that makes other diaphragm pumps I have used look like toys. I wish I would have bought one of these in the first place. Now I can store my top off container anywhere

James E.
United States

Not just for fish

Great, I actually just bought my second diaphragm pump. Both of mine provide water to drip walls in tall terraria with mosses, ferns, and orchids. I love how easily they lift water significant heights, and over long distances. This is stout, no-drama gear. It just works, steady-Freddie reliable.

Jeff S.
United States

Great ATO Pump!

Very effective for using as an ATO pump, handles head pressure very well!

A Avast Marine Works Customer
Paul L.
United States

Great pump for my Nano ATO

Easy to use and performs perfectly.

Pedro R.
United States

Mighty little pump

Great pump, super powerful but a bit too loud for my taste. I found it vibrated a lot when it was on so I added closed cell foam to both inside and outside of the cover and used double sided tape and stuck it to my sump. Now its just as quiet as an aqualifter. Easy thing to do if the noise level bothers you. Well worth the purchase.