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Reef Jerky
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Reef Jerky
Reef Jerky

Reef Jerky

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Complete Nutrition for Fish and Corals

Reef Jerky is a blend of whole-animal marine plankton designed to appeal to frequent feeding, small mouthed planktivores, such as anthias, wrasses, cardinalfish as well as corals.  Components of Reef Jerky are rapidly freeze-dried upon harvest, locking in high quality proteins, fatty acids, antioxidants, and color enhancing carotenoids.  The animal sizes range from tiny 125 micron rotifers, mainly suitable for feeding very small fishes, corals, or other filter feeding invertebrates, to Calanus finmarchicus copepods forming the majority of the blend around  2-3 mm in length.  Mysis sp. and juvenile Euphausia sp. plankton round out the blend at the higher size range, approximately 6-10mm long.  With several more whole animal ingredients in between, plus a small triple macroalgae component for omnivores and herbivores, Reef Jerky has a healthy, palatable food option for every inhabitant in your reef.  There are no processed fish meal or terrestrial component based pellets or flakes as filler in Reef Jerky.


Since Reef Jerky is a freeze dried product, it is initially buoyant until sufficiently rehydrated. We recommend using our Plank automatic feeding system for ideal rehydration and broadcast feeding, or a feeding ring to minimally prevent Jerky from being lost into the overflow.  You can also simply mix Jerky into a small cup of RO/DI water and wait for it to rehydrate, then pour into an area of high water flow, as you would a chunk of frozen food.  The amount to use varies significantly on the number and type of fish, and feedings per day. The supplied spoon measures approximately one traditional cube of frozen food by dry weight.  Many of the small mouthed planktivorous fish which benefit most from Reef Jerky have evolved to be continuous feeders.  Therefore, a higher frequency of small meals throughout the day will suit them best.  Our Plank automatic feeding system is designed for exactly this purpose.

Reef Jerky is best kept refrigerated and dry once opened for maximum long term shelf life, but will not spoil at room temperature.  It is important to keep it stored in a dark container as light will degrade the carotenoid pigments that are beneficial to fish health and coloration.  While Reef Jerky looks delicious and smells wonderful, it is not for human consumption.  Keep out of reach of children.


Freeze dried plankton blend of the following genera:  Calanus, Mysis, Euphausia, Artemia, Brachionus, Chironomus. Marine macroalgae: Palmaria palmata, Porphyra umbilicalis, Ulva lactuca.

NET WEIGHT: 28 Grams/ 1oz


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Mike S.
United States
Reef Jerky

I’ve been feed Reef Jerky to my tank for a for weeks and everything is going nuts for it. Nice mix of sizes for different size fish. Stays in suspension well especially when used with the plank feeder. Will be trying some more challenging anthias in the future that require multiple feedings per day and I think the plank/jerky combination will increase the odds of succcess.

Scott C.
United States United States
Awesome stuff

I paired this with my Plank and it matches up perfect.

Atif H.
United States United States
Thx you

You guys are always top notch!

Marquette C.
United States United States
Great quality.

Great idea to supplement pellets and frozen. High quality product with solid packaging. I love the inclosed spoon!!!!

Jason H.
United States United States
Reef Jerky Rocks!!!

My fish and corals absolutely love Reef Jerky. This is the food I’ve been looking for. Love all the different size and choices of food in it. 100% recommend.