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Extra-long Plank Mixing Tube

Extra-long Plank Mixing Tube

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We have had many requests for custom length mixing chamber tubes for the Plank automatic feeder.  For any tube less than 12", please just message us after placing an order for your Plank, and add a note to the order with the requested size.  If you wish to order a tube longer than 12", or a second/extra tube, select this product and add a note for the requested length.  We recommend no longer than about 14-15", as anything longer than that risks fine particle foods sticking to the inside as it falls down to the water level.  Please just contact us with any questions concerning custom Plank installations.  Please allow a few days for processing & cutting on custom tube length requests.

For over-sump Plank installations: This tube should extend about 4" underwater for best mixing action.  The mounting platform is 1/2" thick.  For example, if your sump water level is 7" below the rim, you would want a tube about 4" + 7" + 1/2", or 12" (rounded up).

As of August 2023, All new mixing tubes now include a matching Sicce volute disk that friction fits inside.  Since tube batches may have inconsistent inner diameters, a new volute disk is often necessary.

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