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Plank Mixing Tube

Plank Mixing Tube

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Custom length tubes for The Plank.  These can be used for in sump installations or other custom installs. 

This tube should extend about 4" underwater for best mixing action. 

To measure for an in-sump installation:

If the water level in your sump is 7 inches below the rim, you'll need a tube that's 12 inches long. Here's how we got that:

  • The mixing depth (how far down into the water the tube needs to reach) is 4 inches.
  • The distance from the rim of the sump to the water level is 7 inches.

So, adding these two together, you get 4 inches (mixing depth) + 7 inches (distance from rim to water level), which equals 12 inches for the length of the tube you'll need.

OEM Length for Plank v3.5 and earlier is 6"

OEM Length for Plank v3.6 is 5"

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