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Mutiny Air Scrubber and Silencer

Mutiny Air Scrubber and Silencer

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This optional accessory for our Mutiny Series 2 reactors performs two task at once. 

First, it separates the air and water and gives the ozonated water a 3rd and final degas stage.  While our main carbon scrubber does a great job of removing the ozone from the system and bringing it down to a safe level, we have found some people are more sensitive to the smell or just want to make sure that they are doing everything they can to prevent any potential negative environmental effects.  This final degas stage brings the processed air down into the non detect range to give you that added peace of mind.

Second, as the water and air mixture flows through the reaction chamber it results in a substantial decrease in the trickling noise associated with the slow flow of the Mutiny Reactor.  During normal operation the Mutiny Reactor is about as loud as a protein skimmer but we can always appreciate anything that can be done to lower noise levels even further.

The Scrubber is meant to be installed in sump with a water depth of 4"-12" and fits nicely in a small corner of your sump.  Simply connect the output of the Mutiny to the Scrubber, mount the carbon filter above your water line and installation is complete! The carbon filter is prefilled and is refillable, all mounting hardware and tubing is included as shown. 

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