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The Plank Automatic Feeder - FACTORY 2nd

The Plank Automatic Feeder - FACTORY 2nd

$ 167.20

This is a fully featured, warranted and supported version of the Plank Automatic Feeder except with minor cosmetic blemishes.


Every now and then, one of our printers has a hiccup and makes a positioning error.  This creates a ridge less than 1mm wide on a part, as seen on the left side of the keg body in the photo.  It's just annoying enough that we can't consider it "normal", even though the part is functionally just fine.  We also can't stand wasting material like that.  So we build and test them as usual and offer them at a discount.  If your feeder will be in a visible location, you might opt for the standard Plank.  Otherwise, these are great for over-sump installations, inside canopies, coral farms, etc.


Note this is not a reconditioned or otherwise used feeder.  All Factory 2nd units are brand new with full warranty.


YES, this version of the Plank also comes with a free bag of Reef Jerky!  You will receive some of the best food out there to put in your new feeder.