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Pegleg 180
Pegleg 180
Pegleg 180
Pegleg 180
Pegleg 180
Pegleg 180

Pegleg 180

$ 379.99

Get a Pegleg without the DIY. This is a special order item and takes two weeks to ship since they are made to order. 

Our newly redesigned Pegleg 180 represents countless hours of R&D work to bring you not only the most efficient skimmer on the market, but one that is simple to operate and unmatched in consistency.  

Over the last 5 years we have made countless revisions to the Pegleg line, constantly updating features that our customers ask for, relentlessly tweaking the design to improve efficiency and ease of use, and in the case of the kit form, always looking at ways to make final assembly even easier.  We are proud to introduce you to the new Pegleg 180!

Unmatched Precision and Efficiency

The Pegleg 180 features a precision machined gate valve assembly that requires no piping to operate.  It is geared in such a way to make micro adjustments not only numerically quantifiable but 100% repeatable.  Since there is no piping to worry about we are able to drop the effluent from the skimmer directly in the path of the intake of the pump.  By doing this we are using the same passive recirculation principles that we introduced in our Spyglass Reactors to recirculate the water without adding complex plumbing or requiring a separate feed pump.  


Pegleg skimmers come with Smoked Acrylic cones for ease of maintenance.  The tinted cone allows you to see what is going on inside the skimmer but keeps nuisance algae growth to a minimum.  All of our Pegleg skimmers now come with "Swabbie Ready" lids.  Adding a Swabbie to your new skimmer now only takes a few minutes and requires no drilling or modifications to the original lid.  We know how new tank upgraditus works so the Swabbie just bolts to the lid, change your skimmer down the road and you can move the Swabbie to a new skimmer in a matter of minutes.  We know not everyone has the same depth of sump so we designed the Pegleg skimmers to run perfectly in a variety of water depths.  The pegleg has a "Deep Water" plug that can be removed to allow the same fine adjustment level offered with the precision valve at all operating depths.  Further, we have upgraded all materials in the assembly and color matched them to better fit in with the AVAST color scheme, we think you will agree that there is not a sharper looking skimmer on the market!  


Pegleg Skimmers feature Sicce pumps with a highly tuned venturi of our own design.  This combo is a proven winner and will give you many years of reliable service.  How confident are we about this?  The PSK1000 pump now comes with a 3 year warranty!  The single AC pump when used in this configuration only draws 23w max, this is comparable to any DC pump currently on the market.  Since we match the air draw to the size of the skimmer, there is no advantage of using an adjustable DC pump.  We are asked all the time why we don't use a DC pump on our skimmers, the answer is simple:  The Sicce pumps use similar power, offer a better warranty, have proven reliability and cost LESS than than the DC alternatives, so why would we want to charge you more for an inferior pump? 

Simple to operate, simple to put together

One of our Pegleg protein skimmer kits is a great way to learn basic acrylic building skills and get a fantastically efficient skimmer at a very affordable price!  The kit includes all the parts need to build the skimmer pictured. CNC machined and Laser cut parts fit together with ease and a detailed assembly manual is provided.  This project can be put together in about two hours' time, and afterwards, you will have a skimmer with efficiency on par with models costing 4x as much.  Add in an optional Swabbie, our automatic neck cleaner, and watch the performance top even the highest end brands out there!

Instruction manual

Technical Details:

  • Tank Rating: 50-200 gallons 
  • Footprint: 9"x10.75" 
  • Height: 22.75", with Swabbie 25.5"
  • Diameter at Base 7.5" 
  • Neck diameter: 3.75" 
  • Collection Cup Diameter: 6" 
  • Collection Cup Drain: Standard 
  • Air Silencer: Standard
  • PSK1000 performance: 1100 lph @ 23w
  • 110v 60hz AC power
  • For in sump use only. 3"-12" depth

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CS1 'Pegleg' Fully Assembled with Pump

I have gone through 3 of these (sold, bought, sold, etc) and I am only giving it a four star rating based on my experience with the most recent Pegleg recirc CS1 I have. These skimmers are top notch, but seeing as they are you build, I think that everybody adds their own little customizations to suit their tanks. I do like that they are recirc, and I've only recently had trouble finding constancy in achieving a nice head foam. I like the fact that they are easily customizable, I always recommend to noobs that everybody should have to build their own skimmer when they start, so they can understand the mechanics!


CS1 'Pegleg' Fully Assembled with Pump

easy to set up and use and glad it comes with the psk1000 pump. had trouble getting a reliable and consistent foam head which makes production of skimmate tough. service to resolve issues is exceptional.