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Kalk Stirrer DIY Kit

Kalk Stirrer DIY Kit

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Building an Avast Marine Kalk stirrer from one of our DIY kits is an easy and fun weekend project.  At the end of the build you will have the exact same product that we sell as an assembled stirrer which thousands of reefers have used to improve pH stability and dose a balanced solution to help keep your calcium and alkalinity in check.

We have a very easy to follow guide to build the stirrer here.  Take a minute and go through the videos and see if a DIY kalk stirrer is for you!

The motor driven design of our stirrer silently and gently mixes your calcium hydroxide 24 hours a day. This ensures that you are always dosing the freshest possible kalkwasser to your system. Since the undissolved particles are always kept at the bottom and the clear liquid is always at the top, this is the safest available way to dose kalkwasser. Simple top load design reduces the amount of time spent adding kalk powder to the reactor, which can be refilled in less than 1 minute.

No more powerheads to clean or replace, no more large vats of lime water taking up valuable space next to your tank. Once you try our new line of stirrers you'll never look at kalkwasser the same again.

Note that our stirrers are non-pressurized chambers; water enters through a 1/4" John Guest fitting in the lid and gravity drains out into your sump through the 1/2" union barb fitting in the side. The lid is not fixed in place; it lifts off for quick and easy kalk powder refills.

If you plan to install a kalk stirrer in your auto top-off system, we recommend this small valve to control the output of the pump to a fast drip.  If you have a Tunze ATO, use this fitting to connect their tubing to the pushlock connector on the lid of the stirrer.  Please see the kalk stirrer manual for additional installation tips and ideas.


 Technical Data K1 K2
Tank Rating 200 Gallons 400 Gallons
Output capacity 2.5 Gallons/day or  5 Gallons/day 
Fill Capacity 2 Cups Kalk 4 Cups Kalk
5.5" x 5.5"x 21" 7" x 7"x 21"
Power AC 120v 3w AC 120v 3w
Warranty 1 year 1 year


Click Here to Download the User Manual

Technical Data

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