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Metabolix Premium Biopellets
Metabolix Premium Biopellets

Metabolix Premium Biopellets

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Metabolix Premium Biopellets Pellets are Made in the USA and composed of biologically degradable polymers that are best used in a media reactor. The pellets will allow aerobic growth of bacteria which consequently will consume nitrate and phosphate simultaneously. After about 2-4 weeks, nitrate and phosphate levels should start decreasing.

For larger or heavily fed aquaria, higher amounts are appropriate. Bio Pellets are consumed by bacteria, therefore additional pellets should be added to maintain a consistent media volume.  Typically, this is required every 3-6 months to compensate for digested pellets.

We also suggest placing the outlet of the pellet reactor in front of a protein skimmer pump.  Since bacteria are readily removed via protein skimming, this bacterial biomass serves as an efficient means of nutrient export.  The pellets should never be used without sufficient water movement, as this may lead to low oxygen and pH levels, especially during night time.  Proper water movement will create a gentle tumbling movement of the pellets inside the reactor.

Aquaria with high levels of phosphate or nitrate may experience a short period of temporary water cloudiness.  This is a bacterial bloom and is usually harmless and typically resolves itself within a few days.  Use 500ml per 100 gallons of the total water volume. Please calculate the total water volume without live rock and sand.  Avast Marine cannot be held accountable for any loss of livestock and or any other damages due to misuse of this product.


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Daniel J.
United States

Spyglass medium size

I bought a spyglass to run biopellets. I'm completely new to biopellets and as such, emailed/called Avast to help me figure it out. They were very on top of customer service! Never felt like I was neglected. I've only had the spyglass for about a week, so time will tell. But I went with the sicce 1.0 on their recommendation, I'm wondering if I should've gone with the 0.5. The bigger pump is really throwing the biopellets around, but I only started with 3/4 cup. after reading about their use I'm going slow. So far the spyglass is great, and I would very much recommend it.

Ritesh V.
United States United States

Great stuff

This is my first time using it. I was using all in one before, that stuff is way too effective. Kept nutrients too low thus a lot cyano outbreaks. This new stuff is in there now and I like seeing how light it is and it dances in the container. I have a 125g tank. New frag tank. No fish. Still setting up. Fish will go in Wednesday. So I am confident this is the more natural and effective middle path to go.

walter s.
United States

bio reactor

very goo.proudet

Reynold R.
United States

Metabolix Premium Biopellets

Exactly as expected… shipping was fast...

Joseph C.
United States

Excellent biopellets

I’ve been using biopellets since the beginning of my setup - about 4 years - and I’ve tried quite a few different brands. These are by far one of the best! Prior to buying these, I was planning on ridding my system of them to see if they were necessary, and therefore allowed about 90% of my pellets to deplete without re-filling. However, my nitrates climbed to almost 50 ppm so I quickly turned to try Avast as I’ve been really happy with their other products, had been wanting to try their biopellets. Within 2 weeks of running these, my nitrates have reduced to 30 ppm. In my experience, it usually takes between 4-8 weeks to start seeing results, but these biopellets have already started to improve my system. I would recommend for anyone to at least give these a try. I’m completely satisfied with them so far.