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Swab the Neck!

This motorized neck cleaner keeps your protein skimmer running at peak efficiency by periodically wiping the inside of the neck where all the crud accumulates.  Normally, build up in the neck in as little as 6 to 8 hours after cleaning will cause foam to stick to the sides and resist traveling up and over into the collection cup.  Keeping the neck wall clean results in consistent skimmate production similar to a freshly hand-washed skimmer.  Simply plug the Swabbie into a timer (not included) or aquarium controller and set it to run for a few minutes 4 to 6 times per day.  When run this way, no crud will build up and fall back into the skimmer chamber.  Swabbie eliminates the chore of daily cleaning for two weeks or more and maintains the level of skimmate production that you would normally get with a freshly-washed skimmer.

The Swabbie currently comes in several sizes as a replacement lid for your skimmer's collection cup.  All lids are made from heavy duty 3/8" material.  The single pivot point on the wiper allows Swabbie to clean conical necks as well.  Not sure if your skimmer will accommodate the Swabbie?  Follow this guide to select the correct size:

Select the size in the middle of the range for the best fit.  Example:  Your collection cup measures 7" and see that the 6", 7" and 8" all fit, the middle range selection would be 7" and provide the best fit.
Note regarding wiper reach or length: If your skimmer's neck is too wide or tall for the standard wiper, please just let us know and we will substitute the next larger wiper size with your Swabbie at no additional charge.

Timer or aquarium controller not included
Power consumption: AC 110v 3w 
Cord Length: 6'
Height: 2.75" above normal skimmer lid
Warranty: 1 year

Click here for the user manual

See the Swabbie in action here, here, here, here, here

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Kenneth S.
United States


Although I haven't used it yet I did assemble it and it is very well built. Only wish is that it had a waterproof cord connector to disconnect the cord before removing the lid for cleaning. As it stands you will need to unplug the unit and pull the lid and cord out to clean.

Dennis S.
United States

Swabbie rocks

Very simple installation - the thing works awesome so far now just the rest of time- I'm sure it will pass with flying colors

Jeffrey P.
United States


I cannot ask for better service or a better company for my marine products!

Brandon S.
United States

Would recommend to anyone.

Bought a swabbie and a breakout box kit. Swabbie fit my Euro Reef RS135 like a glove. Works as advertised. Absolutely love it! Breakout box was easy to build with a soldering gun and following the detailed instructional video online. Avast is the bomb!!!

Steven R.
United States

I wanted to like this soooo much :(

I think that if this unit was hooked up to some type of removable power supply at the base of the unit, problem solved. This way you're not forced to unplug it and pull the power cord with you during cleaning, it would be perfect. Unfortunately for me, it's just not practical. Performance wise it's awesome. If you have limited space, it does sit up pretty high off the collection cup, making for a larger pain when trying to remove. I've spilt more nasty skim mate all over my floor in the past 30 days than I have in my past 10 years in this hobby. But once again, I want to say that if we're judging just on the collection cup cleaning aspect 5 stars... So if you have easy access to plugging and unplugging the unit, don't have limited space for trying to get you cup off and out of your sump, or have something your skimmer drains into. This is one sweet automatic cup squeegee. Unfortunately for me, just isn't practical... Back to manually cleaning it is.